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Interview with Cy Rocchi

Innerspace recently caught up with local artist Cy Rocchi - a West Australian landscape and seascape artist, who has been painting since the early 2000’s. She is primarily self taught and has learnt her skill through observation of the natural environment and constant experimentation.

"I love the peace and solitude I get from open spaces. Interpreting this experience through painting is akin to meditation for me. I get to re-live it all over again".

A selection of Cy's artwork is available to view at our new Residential showroom at 509 Murray Street, Perth.

How did you get into art and why?

As a child I was creative.  I grew up on a farm in the south west of WA and we spent our life outdoors enjoying what nature had to offer.  I was influenced by my mother and her interest in watercolour painting, which I chose as a major for TEE art.  After the birth of my first child I switched mediums and discovered a real passion for oil painting.

I love the peace and solitude I get from hiking through our beautiful natural environment and I try to replicate this through painting.  It’s my meditation.  And the actual practice and the end result allows me to re-live the experience all over again. 

Wilyabrup near Quinninup Falls 91cm x 122cm

What are you seeking to portray in your work?

I want the viewer to experience the same sense of peace and calm I encounter when I’m outdoors enjoying our beautiful local environment.  For me, it’s capturing the emotion of our landscape and bringing the outdoors inside as a reminder of the treasures we have.  

What do you believe is a key element in creating good artwork?

I believe good artwork is about the moment and the memory. It has to be something that engages you and offers a positive emotional outcome. It should command your gaze and thoughts whenever you look at it and connect positively on many levels.  

Coast to Coast 90cm x 110cm

Can you give a brief description of your process?

I am mainly self taught and have learnt my skill through observation of the natural environment and constant experimentation.  On my hikes and walks I enjoy sketching and capturing the unique moments on camera.  I then interpret the photographs onto the canvas.  Painting primarily with a palette knife and large brushes which give impressionistic, textured layers of paint.  Layering, scraping and blending have become a distinctive pattern of my work creating a raw, tranquil and dreamlike outcome.   

When you’re not creating art, how do you like to spend your time?

As a mother to three young children from the age of 9 - 13, life is busy and chaotic.  When I’m not in the studio, I enjoy a healthy lifestyle socially and physically.  I like to keep reasonably fit, physically and mentally, with regular early morning runs through Kings Park, or walks along our beautiful river and coastline.  Catching up with friends and family are also very important and provide a wonderful lifestyle balance.
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