Marc Fong



Marc Fong speaks volumes about the way we need to design for the betterment of our life. Born from two creative parents and raised in his home country of Malaysia, Fong has obviously accessed his confident style from those early moments with his mother, a fashion designer, and his father, a chef.

As a graduate of study in Australia, Fong has extended his trade in the bustling cosmopolitan cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong where he is currently the head of research and design, Asia Pacific, for Herman Miller. For someone who is near the top of his game, Fong is quite open about his creative theory and the natural joy of what he has created – it is part of him.

The unique process he enjoys and the way everything he creates is based on “image scenarios.” Whether it’s from spontaneous encounters with people or whether it is from his genetic refinement, his ability to deliver cognitive solutions needn’t be questioned. Fong speaks of the need to be collaborative in today’s climate. This involves cross collaboration of research, prototyping and design to stretch the boundaries of appeal and usability.