Since 1982 Nils Holger Moormann has been producing and marketing the work of predominantly young, unknown designers. “Everybody talks about design but you often get the impression that people don’t really think about it”, the company founder is quoted as saying. Self-taught Moormann tries to counter this deplorable state of affairs with clever product ideas that sometimes – at first glance – exude a rather prudish charm. But after closer inspection they reveal how much inspiration, skill and wit has gone into their creation. Simplicity, intelligence and innovation are the hallmarks of all Moormann products. Additionally, the products often embody new inventions as well as precise detailing and a pared-down formal language.

Since 1992 the Moormann company has been located in the Bavarian Aschau in Chiemgau. In the middle of the Alps, Moormann tries to have all materials and third-party items produced by local companies. Since a large number of products is being produced elsewhere, the company has maintained for itself a high level of flexibility and greater depth in production. Established, regional structures in combination with international contacts are the hallmark of Moormann’s corporate philosophy. The apparent disadvantage of a lack of infrastructure is compensated by a deliberate regional definition. The unconventional one-man company has developed into an enterprise that employs a team of twenty staff and leaves Moormann more time for international jury activities and lectures.

Moormann’s furniture collection includes products that have received many international design awards and is constantly expanding to include new furniture and product lines.