Compas Chair by Kristalia

Nobody, when looking at the Compas stackable plastic chair, could guess the technological advancements that had to be made to make this piece of furniture a reality.

Straight lines combined with clean curves make it look as easy as a single thought.

Though it looks as if it has just jumped out of the designer’s sketchbook, with nothing more than a few simple lines creating a whole, the chair is actually very durable.

The PA6, a kind of plastic, is particularly resistant to impact, wear and tear, and even outside weather conditions.

The combination of the plastic material for the seat and back with the very different aluminium frame are what made the realisation of this chair such a challenge.

The Compas chair is produced in the same polished black finish or shiny aluminium so as the product appears to be manufactured as one flowing piece.

As an alternative finish the frame can also be finished in a shiny chrome layer or in a black nickel polish, giving the whole piece a muted yet chic and sophisticated appearance, ideal for more exclusive settings.

The light and airy design of the chair make it seem as if it takes up very little space and make it so it does not seem to intrude on other aspects of the decor.

This means that it is ideal for small rooms but also to be used in different rooms around the house or different areas of a larger compound. Because of its high durability, this stackable plastic chair can be stacked up to 5 chairs high, making it perfect for use in public contexts as well, such as hotels, restaurants, bars as well as use within the interior of a private home.

Compas Stackable chair with armrests.

Metal finish:

Aluminium with lacquer in a colour to match the seat

Body finishes: White PA6 Black PA6 Beige PA6 Water gray PA6

Compas Shiny Stackable chair with armrests. Metal finish:

Polished aluminium

“Black Nickel” polished aluminium Body finishes:

White PA6 Black PA6 Beige PA6 Water gray PA6

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About the designer

Patrick Norguet

The apparent modesty of Patrick Norguet veils a spirit animated by the concerns of perfection, detail and an object well-made. For the last 12 years, the designer has engraved his name on the international design scene with strokes of precision, determination and discretion.

A descendent of Roger Tallon, Castiglioni, and more recent, Alberto Meda, Patrick Norguet considers himself an industrial designer.
He is radical in his search for purity, poetic in his sensibility of products and meticulous in his sense of detail.
His aesthetic genes are more Nordic than Austrian and his temperament is quite French.

It is first and foremost to Italy that he owes his success. Primarily to Giulio Cappellini, who brought him to the limelight in 1999 by manufacturing his instant classic, Rainbow Chair, which is in the MoMA’s permanent collection, and Kristalia, Tolix, Glas Italia, Poltrona Frau, Flaminia, Lapalma, Lea Ceramiche as well as Alias and Cassina, who see in the designer a real talent to imagine quality products that are also commercial and durable.

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