Desk Booking Screens by Condeco

Covid-19 has transformed the way we work forever. How employees interact with their workplaces, and new ways of working are required to get employees back to the office safely.

In the months and years to come, offices will become places to collaborate and meet with clients, with large parts of the workforce moving to more flexible models that reduce office presence.

How you get to this ‘new normal’, where offices provide fewer desks for the same number of employees, is the key challenge ahead.

Bring visibility of available space and straightforward reservation functionality into your flexible workspace with Condeco Desk Screens.
The compact touch screen with LED status lights can easily be mounted to desks, offices and breakout spaces, and comes with smart features such as an RFID access card reader for simple touch-in/touch-out booking functionality.

Features include:

Show occupancy status
A bright LED light bar shows clearly if a space is available, awaiting check-in, or occupied.

Free up unused space
If users don’t check in, the desk can be released for others to book, helping you reduce space wasted on no-show bookings.

Simply touch in and out
Simply touch the screen with your RFID access card to make a booking, and touch out to when you leave.

Versatile mounting options
With three flexible mounting options, the screen is perfect for a range of different workspaces.

Smart technology that’s easy to use
The screen has a simple and straightforward experience that has virtually no learning curve.

Insights help you optimise your workspace
Use reporting to understand how your desk areas are being used, enabling you make better planning decisions.

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Condeco is the global leader in workspace scheduling technology.

For over 15 years, they have been pioneering scheduling solutions, to help organisations transform the way they work through the space they’re in.

Their mission is to maximise the the workspace and create a more productive and collaborative workplace experience for their business and its employees.

Condeco is the only workplace technology company to put 30% of their revenue back into R&D, to pioneer better ways of working that help unlock the potential in organisation’s workforce.

Headquartered in London, with offices in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Delhi, and Sydney – Condeco’s global reach means they can deliver a responsive service- wherever clients work.

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