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Covid-19 has transformed the way we work forever. How employees interact with their workplaces, and new ways of working are required to get employees back to the office safely.

In the months and years to come, offices will become places to collaborate and meet with clients, with large parts of the workforce moving to more flexible models that reduce office presence.

How you get to this ‘new normal’, where offices provide fewer desks for the same number of employees, is the key challenge ahead.

Condeco’s Desk management software provides an easy-to-use solution that allows employees to schedule desks, find colleagues and be kept informed of changes to their working environments.

Features include:

Reduce workspace density
Enable social distancing to reduce the risk of the infection.

Control space and capacity
Limit the number of days employees can work at the office.

Effective workspace sanitization
Schedule sanitization after usage of desks to protect from infection.

Office contact tracing
Record workspace usage to enable contact reporting.

Flexibility when and where to work
Go mobile for simple and up-to-date desk management.


Benefits For Employees
– They can enjoy flexibility and choice of when to work from the office and when to work from home, allowing collaboration whilst reducing challenges around commuting and personal commitments.
– Clear guidance on when they can come to the office, where they can safely work, and assurance that their workspace is correctly sanitized and safe to use will all inspire employee confidence.
– Their risk of infection can be reduced by ensuring that the workspace is correctly designed to meet social distancing requirements., and by keeping them informed of any potential contact with an infected co-workers.
Benefits for Businesses
– Providing a technology-based solution helps you successfully manage the return of employees to a dramatically changed workspace environment.
– You can assure social distancing is maintained by decreasing workspace density to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19, thereby helping you easily manage the number of employees allowed in the office at any one time
– Providing workspace sanitization with vendor workflows, monitoring and cost management helps you ensure employees remain safe.
– Contact tracing helps you manage the spread of infection by tracking employees and recording where they’ve worked.
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Condeco is the global leader in workspace scheduling technology.

For over 15 years, they have been pioneering scheduling solutions, to help organisations transform the way they work through the space they’re in.

Their mission is to maximise the the workspace and create a more productive and collaborative workplace experience for their business and its employees.

Condeco is the only workplace technology company to put 30% of their revenue back into R&D, to pioneer better ways of working that help unlock the potential in organisation’s workforce.

Headquartered in London, with offices in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Delhi, and Sydney – Condeco’s global reach means they can deliver a responsive service- wherever clients work.

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