Efit Stool by Actiu

eFit, a chair inspired by the versatility and customisation of the younger generations, the millennials and all those people opting for new and more dynamic, flexible and creative ways of working. People for whom space, flexibility and wellbeing are key, look after their health and appreciate a chair that marries design, comfort and ergonomics.

eFit has a young aesthetic, is light-hearted, yet serious and committed to ergonomics and caring for one’s health. It also prevents possible

distractions due to discomfort.

To do this, eFit has a flexible and breathable backrest that uses a dynamic lumbar system to respond to the movements of the back so that by lifting of this area, load is taken off the upper part of the neck and back. Furthermore, it has two back heights, a self-weighing system with four locking positions and an imprint on the lumbar area designed to bring the utmost comfort to the user’s back. It takes its inspiration from geometric shapes arising from bionics and 3D technology.

The formation of the foam, the distribution of the air chambers on the inside and the thickness of the seat are all issues that have been revised in this model and have been incorporated into the rest of the company’s chairs.

Auto-Weight Synchro Control

Synchro mechanism auto-weight control, it adapts automatically to the user’s weight. In order to adjust and adapt the tension to each user’s requirement there is a knob underneath of the seat (A).

EFIT includes 4 back tilt positions offering tilting angles from 0º when chair is on up-right blocked position up to 30º. To adjust and select
the tilt angle of the back just pull out the handle underneath of the seat (B).

Air Comfort System

The seat has been designed with air chambers, to improve comfort, flexibility and the distribution of pressure for any user.

Seat Height Adjustment

The seat height is adjusted using a gas-lift by lifting up the knob under the seat (C). (Lowest seat height: 46 cm / Maximum seat height: 56 cm).

Seat Slide (Trasla)

Ideal feature to adjust the distance between the seat and the back adapting the chair to different user anthropometrics. Pull out the lever (D) and fix it back in 7 different positions. The system includes a self-return mechanism to return the seat to the initial position when standing up by pulling the lever. (total sliding distance = 7 cm / Each position offers 10 mm adjustment).

Adaptative Lumbar

EFIT incorporates an adaptative lumbar section (E) integrated in the backrest adapting to user’s back’s shape.

Adjustable Armrest

EFIT has 2 different arm options: aluminium or PP.

Height adjustment: adjustable using the knob under the arm-rest (F), it offers 7 height positions.

Distance between arms: Width adjustment using the handle under the seat (G), each arm can be adjusted 2,5 cm, so maximum total adjusment is 5 cm. 360º Swivel arm system (Anti-panic): Only available with the aluminium arm option, 360º Swivel armrest movement allowing horizontal rotation of arm rests. Incorporation of a panic trigger in the aluminum arms (H).


  • Backrest, PP with glass fibre (PP + 30% G.F.) frame. It also incoporates several splines for better back breathing. Model with low backrest
  • Adaptative lumbar support
  • 2D Adjustable arms: Height and width adjustment. Available in polyamide structure.
  • 3D Adjustable arms: Height and width adjustment. 360º Swivel armrest movement. Available in aluminium structure.
  • Seat with ACS technology (airflow comfort system). Made of PU (polyurethane) flexible moulded foam (density 40-45 kg/m3). Upholstered seat available in a wide range of fabrics.
  • Gas lift
  • Auto-weight synchro control mechanism. 4 back tilt positions
  • Seat slide (Trasla)
  • 5 star base. Die cast aluminium or polyamide base with glass fibre
  • Serveral castors or caps available


  • Total height: from 1.065 mm to 1.225 mm
  • Total width: 675 mm
  • Total depth: 675 mm
  • Seat height: from 685 mm to 845 mm
  • Seat width: from 460 mm to 510 mm
  • Seat depth: from 470 mm to 540 mm


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Actiu is a leading Spanish furniture manufacturer operating in more than 50 countries. Actiu started as a family company in the Alicante region in Spain and specialises in creating furniture for work and public spaces. Actiu products are born from constant investment in Research and Development and collaboration with design professionals.

Through Actiu’s experience as a manufacturer, it has combined its flair for assimilating new technologies and strong investment in production capabilities to develop real skill and accuracy when working with primary materials such as aluminium, steel or glass and compounded materials such as mfc, fabrics, thermoplastics and composites.

The company’s speed and flexibility allow it to launch new products in a short period of time, while the production system can perform with the same efficiency for large projects and small orders.

Actiu products are produced at their state of the art production facility at the Actiu Technology Park.
The design by Jose Maria Tomas LLavador, was based on sustainability and self- sufficient use of natural resources and includes Europe’s largest rooftop photovoltaic plant with state-of- the-art technology and an output of 7 million kWh of solar energy.

Sustainability and the Environment are top of mind at Actiu. Their responsibility to the environment goes further than researching and developing new technologies to reduce environmental impact, Actiu is actively involved in many activities to conserve the environment.

Actiu provides flexible cost effective solutions with the added reassurance of knowing that the products have been produced in a sustainable way.

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