Hug Sofa by Missana

Designed by Cristian Reyes

Hug is the latest product design by Christian Reyes for Missana, an innovative sofa concept, 100% handicraft made, the main features worth highlighting are its high aesthetic freshness and its innovative character.

A delicate mixture of rounded and exaggerated details that result in a unique and original piece with a very particular personality, amazing style and clean elegance, a sofa that traps you, embraces you and invites you to sit comfortable in its arms and let your imagination fly.

The combination of bright colors and trendy fabrics enhance even more the beauty and warmth of this piece.

A piece that provides maximum comfort and it’s able to integrate itself in any type of space due to its outstanding design.



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Missana is passionate about the world of upholstery. Based for more than 20 years in Valencia, Spain, Missana have created furniture collections that express their design vision combined with traditional hand made design.

Missana’s collections are the result of a harmonious union between craftsmanship and an eye for detail, visible in the most classic part of their catalogue and now freshly trasnferred to new designs.

Two complementary styles combined and improved to make it possible to offer elegant and distinguished furniture, but at the same time contemporary. With special attention on ensuring durability and by using high quality materials presents unique furniture made to survive our time.

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