Layers Coffee Table by Arlex


Layers Coffee Table by Arlex

Collection of fixed tables of different heights practical as dining, kitchen, working, and coffee tables.

The numerous existing options means Layers can adapt to all kinds of rooms and
atmospheres, whether it is home or contract.

Thanks to their diverse geometrical shapes and finishes, it´s easy to find the suitable format for each necessity.

Even with the visual lightness given by the believed edges, the legs (lacquered metal or solid oak) guarantee the strength of the table. The legs come in Oak and metal.

Available sizes:

Squared and rectangular tables with round corners:
500mmL x 500mmD x 300/400/500mmH
700mmL x 700mmD x 300/400/500mmH
900mmL x 900mmD x 300/400mmH
900mmL x 1200mmD x 300/400mmH
1200mmL x 1200mmD x 300/400mmH

Oval table with round corners:
1200mmL x 675mmD x 400mmH

Round tables:
500/700/900mmØ x 300/400/500mmH
1200mmØ x 400mmH

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