Mobile Room Dividers by Innerspace

Double sided partitions that measure 1820x950mm (with wheels). One side is magnetic whiteboard. The other a charcoal pinnable fabric. They can be linked togther with a connector to ensure maximum flexibility. They can be turned at right angles or connected in a straight line. Each panel is supplied with 2 Flipchart paper clips to hold meeting notes and a magnetic pen shelf. You can connect as many partitions together as you need to partition rooms into 2 … to make U shaped cubicles , to make a zig zag pattern.
Why should I use them ?
  • Room Dividers create more efficient use of open plan space.
  • They provide a quieter, more focused meeting space in large areas.
  • They provide a quick space for small meetings in sometimes large chaotic open areas.
  • Because of their flexibility they allow meetings or even recreational space to be constructed in minutes.
  • Large rooms can be subdivided to ensure efficient and collaborative meetings.
  • Ideal for setting up smaller ‘break-out’ brainstorming groups.
  • They can be de-constructed and stored in a ‘concertina’ shape awaiting the next use.
  • In classrooms they add character by being used with bright posters and drawings.
  • So that large areas are less intimidating to young children.
  • Teachers reading stories just became better… with less distractions.
  • Room Dividers can quickly hide ugly or ‘no go’ areas .. from kitchenettes to photocopiers or even toilets.
  • In advanced education .. smaller ‘one on one’ meetings can be ‘conjured’ from large areas in a matter of moments.
  • Simply wheel the Room Dividers into position .. and move them into the shape that’s suitable.
  • After the class or meeting .. simply roll them back into storage .. or change their shape.
Optional Extras:
Room Divider Connector Kit (joins 2 together).


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