Mod3 Modular lounge by Ambient Lounge

The Modular Corner by Ambient Lounge® is a structured bean bag furniture can revolutionise your space and immerse you in luxury.

Smart apartments and suburban homes can get a gorgeous quilted cozy corner 3 piece set in beautiful interior fabrics, for a fraction of the budget of other contemporary structured furniture.


* Beautiful, Tactile, Premium Weave Fabric

* High Density Ultra-Bead™ Fill

* Lightweight, easy adjust & transport

* Modular versatile zip system

* Pre-Filled and Ready-to-Lounge

* Soft Safe Edges ideal for Playful Kids

* Tensile Elastic Structure & Stability

* Thickly Quilted Soft Furniture

* Top-Up Filling Care Kit.

* YKK Safety-Locking Zip & Funnelweb™ System



Brand:Ambient Lounge
Lead time:4 - 6 weeks
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Ambient Lounge

Australians are renowned world leaders in refined relaxation & innovation.
Since 2005, the Australian led Ambient Lounge® group have been breaking through preconceptions and transforming the humble bean bag into inspiring soft furniture objects of desire.

Creative, lightweight, structured, modular, contemporary, lounge solutions for next-level home cinema interiors and outdoor lifestyles.

Comfortable, low, structured, cushioned seating knows no language and held no barriers and has occupied people homes for hundreds of years from Istanbul, New York, St Petersburg, London, Cairo, Shanghai, Amsterdam to Kyoto.

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