Odeon Sideboard by Arlex


Odeon Sideboard by Arlex

Designed by Josep Turell for Arlex, Odeon is a modular range with extremely verstile measurements, accessories and finishes.

The interior and exterior finishes are the same: natural varnished 0.7mm veneers, or matt, shiny lacquer or lacquered ash in open pore.

The doors can swing, hinged or lift-up, or slide with glides "Blum Tandem".

25 mm thick front panels and mitred 44 mm thick double box. (25 mm exterior + 19 mm interior).

Designed without a top or baseboard. They have regulators and levellers to ensure they fit perfectly.

Wood or aluminium frame for glass modules.

Special modules:

Special 1460 x 1460 mm modules with specific combinations of doors, gaps, drawers and containers.

Audiovisual modules are available with transparent section to enable the use of remote controls.

Available modules:

Width: 532 / 764 / 996 / 1460 / 1924 / 2854 mm.
Depth: 465 / 585 mm.
Height: 300 / 532 / 764 / 996 / 1228 / 1460 mm.
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