Rest Outdoor Chaise Lounge by Kristalia

Kristalia’s Rest outdoor chaise lounge brings together the characteristics of comfort, efficiency, and durability. It has been crafted with fabric that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It also offers armrests for further comfort and can be stacked with other rest chaise lounge chairs (maximum of 4 chairs)

What really makes this piece unique is the coating that is used. It was made to create a more natural texture and feel that is touchable soft, somewhat similar to fabrics made of cotton. Given it’s luxurious feel and look, one would not think this chaise lounge was meant for external conditions. Despite this, the fabric used is extremely durable and resilient to even the most extreme weather conditions.

The material itself is made from a raw synthetic polyester which is treated with a surface abrasion to create it’s soft texture. It features hand braided belting which further strengthens the chair. The process of covering a Chaise Lounge Rest takes patience because it means hand weaving 400 meters of polyester threads. That’s equivalent to one circuit around an athletic field, quite a record for producing a piece with so much contemporary charm. It is truly made from fine craftsmanship and value.

This is an outdoor chaise lounge that can add style to your garden, sat beside the poolside, or used for an elegant outdoor party.

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