Cizeta is a company operating for over 30 years manufacturing a wide range of products including chairs, armchairs and stools. Their proven experience is what lends their brand its reliability, availability and flexibility.

It is quality, however, that truly sets them apart: the quality of the timber, of their research oriented towards developing new models, of their carefully crafted products, of their attention to detail and customer service.

Their strength lies in their ability to join high-tech machinery and equipment to the finest in traditional craftsmanship. This combination of age-old knowledge and modern techniques is the foundation on which they have built a great reputation, with pride.

Officially founded in 2014, Italian Chair District for International Markets is a business network made up of the companies: Cizeta Group, Palma, Piaval and Riccardo Rivoli. They have entered the international markets together with the primary aim of approaching their clients as a group of companies that can work with the broadest range of styles and products. Quality is guaranteed by their design and manufacturing processes, which are entirely in Made-in-Italy style.