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The Bureau 3 Seater Sofa by @cameron_foggo_design for 

#innerspace #natadora #softminimalism #interiordesign
Enjoy creating your own archipelago with the ISLA. 

Designed by Sebastian Herkner and a part of @gandiablasco_official the ISLA is a welcoming outdoor haven 

#innerspace #gandiablasco #outdoordesign #summerready
The Gunzel Chair by @rossdidier 

The carved form exposes the beautiful, natural grain of timber, an ode to a simpler time.

How will you be styling this?

#innerspace #design #sydneydesign #interiordesign
Discover the DNA Teak collection: a perfect blend of natural teak wood and industrial-strength aluminium, creating warmth and sleekness in every piece. 
Inspired by Mediterranean shutters and Oriental architecture, each item offers earthy teak tones complemented by anodised aluminium and powder-coated finishes. From minimalist to traditional spaces, it seamlessly integrates, promising durability and timeless style. Embrace @gandiablasco_group's unique design philosophy and make a bold statement in your home. 

#innerspace #outdoorfurniture #DNA #alfresco #euroinspo #sydneydesign #melbournedesign
Discover the essence of luxury in PLY, an exquisite hand-tufted rug collection. The design speaks volumes: elegant lines in pink semicircles form a stunning three-quarter sphere, with maroon tones adding a rich, intricate pattern. 

Crafted by MUT Design, each piece reflects their innovative spirit. Hand-tufted with meticulous attention to detail, these rugs redefine aesthetics, offering unparalleled designs, textures, and colours. 

Experience the artistry of @GAN_rugs, where hand-tufting makes the impossible possible.