Innovation takes many forms, and our team find new ones every day. We have a dynamic and experienced team that provides flexible solutions for our customers.

Returning to Work post Covid

Many of us are wondering when we will go back to pre Corona virus days, or how our working environments will adapt and change to suit the new way of life with physical distancing.  

Most companies worldwide have been forced into supporting social distancing rules and enabling their staff to work remotely. Whether they were ready or not, the Covid-19 outbreak forced businesses to put new technology systems and support in place to enable their staff to work efficiently and safely wherever they can get their best work done.


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Whilst our key objective is to create and maintain long-term relationships with our customers and be helpful in as many ways as possible, we can also offer the following furniture management services:

  • Reconfigure existing furniture
  • After hours installation times
  • Relocation services
  • Disposal & recycling services
  • Rental options
  • Offsite storage & furniture management
  • Product repair & ongoing maintenance
  • Ergonomic assessments & product training
  • Turnkey Procurement

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⁣The Miller sofa is modular, which creates the opportunity to add space, if your family grows or if you move to a bigger home. The series is designed @byKato as a reinterpretation of the Scandinavian design universe and is upholstered in a soft high quality Belgian fabric.
​📷 by @nateleecocks
Image from @the_loom_collection
GROUNDPIECE / @flexformspa 
Designed by Antonio Citterio, how warm and spacious is this light-filled living room in a luxury private home, Belgium.
#luxuryfurniture #flexform #luxurydesign
NYSSE / Very Nice solid Oak frame, such a statement piece. 

Image by : @the_loom_collection
G E L A T O modular system by @31degreesdesign - Helps to define spaces in modern workplaces and is also modular in design.

Featured at SRK in Perth for designers @state_28
SPACE /  93% of workers in the tech industry said they would stay longer at a company who would offer healthier workspace benefits, benefits such as sit-stand desks and ergonomic seating.

Featuring our DUO Sit to stand executive desk by @31degreesdesign
#sittostand #standingdesk #healthyworkspace #australiandesigned
MILLER / Modular lounge by Sketch Interiors.
Stocked in Perth in some colour options. 

Image from @the_loom_collection
#sofa #sofadesign #interiordesign