Operating since 1878, Fornasarig, is a 4 generation family owned and operated company.

Fornasarig has one of the longest history in the world of seating manufacturing. Producing a wide range of contemporary and innovative designed seating for contract environments, their products are supplied to hotels, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, conventions rooms, university, banks, cruise ships, lounges and waiting rooms.

In 1959, Giovanni, with his brothers and his wife Anna, built the Fabbrica SedieFriuli, targeting the Italian, European and international markets. The 80s saw the crucial involvement of the fourth generation of Fornasarig. This decade saw the birth of the new contract-based international market, which initially targeted mainly the restaurants and the hospitality. The corporate reorganisation and the commercial strategies adopted in the 90s have made Fornasarig a successful company, managed by a family which has inherited a long tradition and has evolved it with passion, knowledge, competence and innovation.

Designed by different famous Designers around the world the “distinguishing marks” of Fornasarig collections are always very modern an clean. Materials Fornasarig use are predominately Wood, Metal and Upholstery. All Fornasarig products are 100% made in Italy and are designed, engineered and tested for contract use with 10 years guarantee.