Ambient Lounge

Australians are renowned world leaders in refined relaxation & innovation.
Since 2005, the Aussie-led Ambient Lounge® group have been breaking through preconceptions and transforming the humble bean bag into inspiring soft furniture objects of desire.

Creative, lightweight, structured, modular, contemporary, lounge solutions for next-level home cinema interiors and outdoor lifestyles.
It all started in 1998 with a passionate concept of Melbourne born designer & founder Grant Morris - to make beautiful, sophisticated, commercial grade soft furniture with real structure & practical beauty out of premium materials.
Adult, sophisticated bean bag furniture for interior designers and architects - not just for kids. Influenced by the creative Australian contemporary interior design landscape, fused with a relaxed lifestyle and a hint of Melbourne café & urban culture, Grant and his design team dared to breathe life into a tired category with next-level lounge solutions.

As epic wide-eyed travelers - the Ambient Lounge® crew had a global vision that cushion culture is timeless & loved in almost every country in some shape or form – meaning there were no boundaries for growth and innovation if combined with modern textures. Comfortable, low, structured, cushioned seating knows no language and held no barriers and has occupied people homes for hundreds of years from Istanbul, New York, St Petersburg, London, Cairo, Shanghai, Amsterdam to Kyoto.