Patrick Norguet

The apparent modesty of Patrick Norguet veils a spirit animated by the concerns of perfection, detail and an object well-made. For the last 12 years, the designer has engraved his name on the international design scene with strokes of precision, determination and discretion.
A descendent of Roger Tallon, Castiglioni, and more recent, Alberto Meda, Patrick Norguet considers himself an industrial designer.
He is radical in his search for purity, poetic in his sensibility of products and meticulous in his sense of detail.
His aesthetic genes are more Nordic than Austrian and his temperament is quite French.
It is first and foremost to Italy that he owes his success. Primarily to Giulio Cappellini, who brought him to the limelight in 1999 by manufacturing his instant classic, Rainbow Chair, which is in the MoMA’s permanent collection, and Kristalia, Tolix, Glas Italia, Poltrona Frau, Flaminia, Lapalma, Lea Ceramiche as well as Alias and Cassina, who see in the designer a real talent to imagine quality products that are also commercial and durable.

Patrick Norguet and Ethimo

The collaboration between Ethimo and Patrick Norguet began in 2013, the union between them sees the experience and passion of Ethimo combined with the balanced aesthetic of the French designer and has led to the creation of two truly exceptional collections of Outdoor furniture.

Knit was the first collection to be designed by Norguet.
It is an extensive collection, which pays homage to traditional craftsmanship and whose materials highlight the uniqueness of his design approach. Knit has been designed to fit naturally into any environment and it features craftsman like ‘rhythm’ and an elegant spirit, characterised by the warmth of the wood and the ‘knitted’ interweaving of the structure.

The partnership between Ethimo and the innovative French designer continued, resulting in the creation of the Swing collection.
"Swing is a game of interlocking (a sort of tetris)," explains the designer, "and the resulting furnishing elements are essentially based on a single teak element, duplicated, which gives light to a lightweight ensemble, with plays on volumes, solids and voids.

This play on materials, including wood and aluminium, produces a set of elegant chairs that are perfect for durable use in outdoor environments."
With the Swing collection, Ethimo also adds its first rocking chair - elegant, cosy and with significant Mediterranean flavour.