Studio Balutto Associates

Founded by Adriano Balutto, recently enriched with a new creative assistance, with the  presence of the architect Veronica Balutto. The studio increases its activity developing forms, stylistic strategies for production and marketing for leading companies within the furniture and chair fields, contributing to the success of major companies around world. Balutto’s studio offers interior design, furniture and components design for the leading companies. Active and always up to date, the studio also offers professional advice regarding of trends and tendencies. Many projects, resulting from deep research and acquired experiences from different parts of the world, have been judged by the market as “best sellers”. A cv full of projects, programs, lines for furniture accessories for domestic and outdoor use, integrated  programs for offices and contract design, exhibit design for fairs, showrooms etc. The activitiy of Balutto’s atelier has received many prizes at an international level and is in continuous  development, researching new evolving and cultural trends to stimulate a continuously active creativity.

Specialised in planning, Balutto Associates constantly aims at growing together with its customers: the atelier’s success  travels in symbiosis with the goals achieved by the companies supported. Dedication and attention aimed ad  obtaining the best  possible results.