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Tibet Sofa by Missana

Designed by Pepe Albargues

While thinking about Tibet, you imagine a mystical place where thousands of monks are living and meditating. Alexandra David Néel, had this clearly in mind when she reached Tibet in 1926. She was the first women in history to do this. The sofa Tibet is a piece of furniture to discover. Warm, but at the same time really fresh, it contains characteristical lines and a delicate finish, a mix that results in a comfortable and cozy product. The Parisian explorer lived for 100 years. We don’t know if the Tibet couch could endure that long, but what we know for sure is that once you try it, it would be difficult to live without it.

Technical Features:

Pine Wood structure reinforced with tablex and chipboard.

Suspension with springy belts.

Seat cushions stuffed with Bultex and soja covered with polyester fibre.

Back cushions stuffed with 50% goose feathers and 50% polyester fibre.

Stainless steel legs.



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Missana is passionate about the world of upholstery. Based for more than 20 years in Valencia, Spain, Missana have created furniture collections that express their design vision combined with traditional hand made design.

Missana’s collections are the result of a harmonious union between craftsmanship and an eye for detail, visible in the most classic part of their catalogue and now freshly trasnferred to new designs.

Two complementary styles combined and improved to make it possible to offer elegant and distinguished furniture, but at the same time contemporary. With special attention on ensuring durability and by using high quality materials presents unique furniture made to survive our time.

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About the designer

Pepe Albargues

Pepe is the soul of Missana, a perfectionist and moved by a passion in everything he does. His involvement in everything related with the manufacturing process, besides his observing character, have allowed him to adapt to changing times, and gradually incorporate young people into the company.

Professionals that he advises, guides and teaches, through learning, create finished products with Missana’s seal. For all this, Pepe is a devoted person, who with his particular way of looking at the world, still keeps being the focus of our workshop. He is the link which assures the correct execution of the processes, striving daily to make possible the impossible.

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