De’sendent is an intimate, edgy & refined restaurant where the food talks about place and its diners are connected to the kitchen.

Using a restrained palette, characterised by muted, organic tones De’sendent evokes a timeless, classical elegance.

Inside an unassuming building along Margaret River’s main street is a sophisticated dining experience. The interior dining room exudes permanence, showcasing a refined material palette and furnishings that establish a timeless atmosphere.

Diners experience an intimate connection with the open kitchen, with the Jazz Stool by Pedrali situated by the open benchtop with seamless comfort. The Jazz Chair by Pedrali  was used in the dining room and outdoor spaces to ensure a cohesive and stylish dining environment.

Photographer – Ange Wall 


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Discover the essence of luxury in PLY, an exquisite hand-tufted rug collection. The design speaks volumes: elegant lines in pink semicircles form a stunning three-quarter sphere, with maroon tones adding a rich, intricate pattern. 

Crafted by MUT Design, each piece reflects their innovative spirit. Hand-tufted with meticulous attention to detail, these rugs redefine aesthetics, offering unparalleled designs, textures, and colours. 

Experience the artistry of @GAN_rugs, where hand-tufting makes the impossible possible.

The silent minimalist. 
The La Zitta by @ton__design
It may be cold outside but this room is giving us all the warmth we need. 

The Fable collection by @rossdidier made in solid natural oak with skilled craftsmanship to reveal a richness of character.
A timeless Icon 
Cane weave design has been a staple in @Ton__design since the very beginning in 1861, creating a timeless classic loved by generations. 

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The Puffalo by @rossdidier just begs you to lounge. 
Flop down, chill out and feel yourself descending into slow motion. 

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