Innerspace: Shaping Sustainable Luxury in Furniture for Tomorrow

Since 1950, Innerspace has not only been a name synonymous with high-quality, well-designed furniture but also an advocate for the well-being and contentment of our customers. Today, our commitment transcends the elegance and comfort of our products to address a crucial aspect of our times – sustainability. We believe that being a frontrunner in the furniture industry entails pioneering change for environmental excellence that safeguards the future for the coming generations.

Uniting Timeless Craftsmanship with Ethical Environmental Practices

Our vision at Innerspace is straightforward – to provide furniture that enriches living spaces without diminishing the health of our planet. The essence of luxury design lies not only in its aesthetic and quality but also in the respect it shows towards the environment. We deliver luxury furniture pieces that are not only a feast for the eyes but also a heartwarming choice for those who value ethical sustainability.


A Sustainable Philosophy Embedded in Our Core

Our integrity as a trusted brand is reflected in how deeply we have integrated environmental sustainability into our business model. It’s not a superficial veneer; it’s the foundation of our ethos. In our journey towards a sustainable future, we carefully choose our suppliers and partners – those who have been recognized with ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO9001 Quality Management, and FSC certifications. Such accreditations are not merely achievements but are our prerequisites for collaboration, ensuring that each product from Innerspace meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility.



Our Practices: Blueprint for Environmental Excellence

We are in the business of people, crafting environments that foster innovation and productivity. We channel this philosophy into our sustainability efforts, aiming to minimise our ecological footprint in every aspect of our operations – from manufacturing processes to packaging, logistics, and beyond. We’ve set ambitious goals, including making our showrooms and warehouse facilities carbon-neutral, leveraging solar power, and championing recycling initiatives.

From Elegant Furniture to Enduring Ecosystems

Under the umbrella of our stewardship program, we observe the lifecycle of our products with meticulous attention. Our aim is to enhance the longevity and adaptability of our furniture, lending itself to a circular economy that values reuse and repurposing. In the event our products reach the end of their tenure in your space, we have strategies in place for second-hand selling, donation, or component recycling, ensuring a responsible continuation of their lifecycle.



Contributing to the Canvas of Conservation: The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

Our investment in sustainability extends beyond our immediate operations and into projects like the restoration of the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. Through our partnership with Carbon Neutral, we contribute to reforestation efforts, reinforcing our dedication to an eco-positive legacy. Our responsible planting initiatives stand as testimony to our vision of an enduring, richly biodiverse habitat for wildlife and future generations alike.


Brands That Echo Our Environmental Commitment

At Innerspace, we take pride in the company we keep. The brands we showcase, including ACTIU, DAUPHIN, PEDRALI, TON, and VICCARBE, are not only paragons of design innovation but also share our commitment to the environment. Each piece is selected with the assurance that its existence supports both your luxury living and the health of our planet.

We at Innerspace are more than just providers of luxury furniture. We are curators of a brighter, more sustainable future. Each piece is a reflection of our dedication to combining fine design with a conscientious ecological approach. Join us in this meaningful journey where every choice made today is a step toward a greener, more vibrant tomorrow.

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