Ever leant on a restaurant table only to have your wine spill, and a waiter rushing over to solve the wobble with a few folded napkins under the table’s leg?

We all have a wobbly table story, but for the Heyring family the story didn’t end with the napkin, it marked the beginning of NOROCK self-stabilising table bases.

Father and son duo Chris and Toby Heyring began working on a range of self-stabilising table base prototypes in their Dunsborough workshop in 2009, filing their first patent in 2010. Up to 2016, NOROCK was purely a technical company interested in product design, engineering, IP and manufacturing.

NOROCK tables use a simple mechanical system with four pivoting legs that are interconnected in such a way that they must reach an average weight loading on all four feet. When a table is placed on an uneven surface, the feet will move until all four feet reach a state of equilibrium or more simply, a state of stability.

Born and bred in Australia, NOROCK are really excited that in early 2021, they landed stock in Sydney shipping their award winning bases directly from their warehouse throughout the country.

So now you can say NO to wobbles, spills, time-wasting, problematic parts, with NO compromise on design with a NOROCK table base for restaurants, cafes, bars, aged care, and offices.