Our Australian Story – Crafting Connections and Community

Innerspace isn’t just about crafting the finest pieces of high-end quality furniture; we’re in the business of cultivating relationships and building community. Since our inception in 1950, founded by the visionary Hawkins brothers, we’ve grown from a humble duo of artisans to a full-fledged enterprise representing the best of Australian furniture manufacturing. Our evolution is not just in our products but deeply rooted in our dedication to our people and culture.

A Commitment to Heritage and Wellbeing

We stand on the shoulders of great tradition and earnestly acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land – the Gadigal of the Eora Nation, Naarm of the Kulin Nation and Whadjuk Nyoongar. Our respect for the timeless wisdom and ongoing contributions of Elders past, present, and emerging, inspires us to weave the fabric of inclusivity and significance into every facet of our operation.


Quality that Goes Beyond Furniture

Our journey from specialised handmade furniture to a name synonymous with home and work quality decor is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to personal care. By nurturing connections that go beyond mere transactions, we place immense value on increasing your happiness and enhancing your health and wellbeing.


Made in Australia, Designed for the World

We are proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated company, collaborating closely with local designers, manufacturers, and suppliers. This isn’t just an economic choice, it’s a conscious decision to ensure that our high-end furniture not only meets global standards but also supports the prosperity of our local community.


Innovation through Inclusivity

Our strength lies within our team – a vibrant tapestry of individuals who bring innovation, creativity, and passion for their craft. We don’t just mentor our staff; we ignite mutual growth by fostering internal collaborations and nurturing an environment that encourages the exploration of innovative ideas. This ethos extends to our communal impact, inviting change, and promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


Bridging Cultures and Communities

At Innerspace, our goals are ever-evolving. We strive to reconnect Indigenous communities with their rich cultures and histories, giving them platforms to thrive and share their invaluable narratives. We’re investigating partnerships with foundations dedicated to boosting Indigenous employment, apprenticeships, and traineeships within the furniture design and manufacturing sector.


Art and Artisanship – A Collaboration of Spirits

Our exploration takes another form as we look to meld the creative genius of local Indigenous artists with our well-designed furniture assortments. It’s a dance between modern sophistication and the deeply rooted artistry unique to Australia’s cultural heritage, creating timeless furniture pieces that tell a story.



Lifting Together – A Shared Mission

We believe in the power of collective impact. Engaging with specialist Australian Labour Hire companies who employ Indigenous workers and implementing educational programmes to elevate our understanding and that of our clients, we make a conscious effort to elevate Indigenous participation in the furniture industries.


Your Experience at Innerspace – Where Culture Meets Craftsmanship

Step into our custom-built showrooms in the hearts of Sydney, Melbourne and the Perth CBD, and you’ll find more than just furniture – you’ll discover the soul of Innerspace. It’s an environment where you can touch, feel, and imbibe the excellence of timeless furniture carefully crafted to enrich both home and work spaces. Our team, attentive to your narrative, tailors recommendations to create spaces that don’t just look good but feel right.
Our identity is built on the foundation of service, but it blossoms through the end products – world-class furniture designed with you in mind. Our commitment transcends the physical products to you, to our culture, and to our shared future. Join us in this journey of continuous discovery, innovation, and shared prosperity.
Let’s not just share spaces. Let’s share stories, understanding, and opportunities for cultural connection – together. Welcome to Innerspace, where furniture is just the beginning.

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