Novak Sofa by Missana

Designed by Pepe Albargues

It is said that the human being has three basic personalities; the child, the father and the adult. Like them the Novak series also contains three personalities: the first one would be a sofa with chaise longue that corresponds to the child, who is looking for entertainment and discovers new things. Secondly, the armchair with footstool for the father, who needs to disconnect from daily routine through reading or television. Lastly the couch of three seats perfect is for more serious issues, like meetings or receptions with friends

Technical Features:

Pine Wood structure reinforced

with tablex and chipboard.

Suspension with springy belts.

Seat cushions stuffed with

Bultex and sofa covered with

polyester fibre.

Back cushions stuffed with 50% goose feathers and 50% polyester fibre.

Wooden frame.

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About the designer

Pepe Albargues

Pepe is the soul of Missana, a perfectionist and moved by a passion in everything he does. His involvement in everything related with the manufacturing process, besides his observing character, have allowed him to adapt to changing times, and gradually incorporate young people into the company.

Professionals that he advises, guides and teaches, through learning, create finished products with Missana’s seal. For all this, Pepe is a devoted person, who with his particular way of looking at the world, still keeps being the focus of our workshop. He is the link which assures the correct execution of the processes, striving daily to make possible the impossible.

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