RETROit Dunes Lounge Chair by SACKit

RETROit in exclusive leather

With RETROit Dunes, you get the familiar seating comfort from RETROit seats combined with beautiful natural leather of the best quality. RETROit Dunes is a lounge chair in the unique Danish design, giving your home the warmth and raw details – delicious!


The beautiful Dunes leather from the Danish “Sørensens leather” is a chrome-free natural leather with a soft touch and a raw look. The seat surface is ground and is oil, which provides the leather nubuck the particular effect with a matt and rough surface. The leather has a natural color contrast and natural brand that makes each chair unique. Each RETROit Dunes chair, a fully leather production.


RETROit Dunes gives you a great comfort. It is not just made up of two parts, which ensures support you in the back – it’s also filled with semi-skimmed and semi EPS beads to ensure a soft and comfortable seating. The mix of foam and EPS beads not only gives you a good sittkomfort- the same time assuring that the chair keeps its shape perfectly.


Invite the beautiful Danish design and raw leather into your home with RETROit Dunes!

Functional Design

Forget about oformbara bag chairs that are lying around on the floor! RETROit bag chair is a well thought-out Danish design, which not only looks nice out and have a great comfort – it also keeps the shape. Form and function combined in one!


On the inside RETROit consists of two separate bags that are tied together with Velcro. When you sit on one pushed the other one automatically up to support your back. Brilliant!

Hand-sewn stitches

The beautiful hand-sewn stitches along the edge makes every single product unique. The thread is in sharp Linn quality and provides the chair’s design edge and a raw look. It is SACKit’s DNA!



    • 100% Dunes leather from Danish “Sørensen Læder”


    • Oil-treated aniline leather


    • Filling: 50% and 50% foam EPS beads (100% chemical)


    • Objective: 96 x 80 x 70 cm (length x width x raised)


    • We do not recommend that you expose the leather:



      • direct sunlight


      • violent heat


      • sharp objects


      • Moisture and liquids



    • Be aware: There would be color contrast and natural notice in the leather.


    • Note: We want to alert you, RETROit bag chair is filled very hard with bullets, when you receive it. Hence the chair can feel a slightly hard the first few times you use it. The balls come into their own after a few weeks of use, and the chair will feel very comfortable to sit in. The hard filling assure you that bag chair keeps its shape longer.



For regular cleaning, we commend to you vacuum the chair and clean it with a damp cloth. For thorough cleaning, use a cloth and mild soap. The leather can be buffed with a dry cloth. You should never expose the chair to large amounts of water or products containing any kind of chemicals, this can ruin the leather.

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SACKit® pays strong attention to detail in both design and functionality.

SACKit is a small Danish company in rapid development. SACKit is a handful of dedicated people who love to listen to great music and hang out in beanbags! …of course while developing, servicing, marketing and expanding the SACKit brand to customers all over the world.

SACKit equals constant product development. They continue to develop new, exciting products for you.

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