Discover Innerspace: Crafting Timeless Furniture since 1950

At Innerspace, our roots run deep in the heart of Australian craftsmanship and design. Since our inception over seven decades ago, we have grown to become a bastion of high-end quality furniture that not only elevates spaces but also enriches lives. Our journey, driven by innovation and a passion for excellence, reflects our unwavering commitment to improving happiness, well-being, and productivity in both home and work environments.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship: The Story of Our Founding

Our legacy began in Western Australia in 1950, when brothers Bill and Bob Hawkins laid the foundation for what would become a celebrated chapter in furniture history. W,H and R Hawkins Furniture Manufacturers started as a purveyor of antique reproduction furniture, meeting the era’s demand for quality and craftsmanship. Their dedication to excellence quickly garnered a reputation that would set the stage for years of growth and evolution.

As styles and tastes evolved, so did our company. In 1966, we transitioned to Modern Furnishings, mirroring the contemporary trends and designs that were reshaping the furniture landscape. It was a pivotal time of change, one that saw the retirement of Bill and the entry of Bob’s son Russell into the family business. Russell’s vision would guide us through another transformation when the business changed its direction to cater to the emerging office furniture market, becoming Modern Office Interiors.

Innerspace: A Name That Embodies Our Ethos

The name ‘Innerspace’ was born in 1991, marking a new era of expansion and innovation. We took our expertise beyond Australian borders and established roots in Singapore, introducing our ethos of quality and design to an eager young market.

Innerspace has always been more than a name. It represents our core belief that the spaces we inhabit profoundly influence our happiness, health, and capacity to innovate. Every piece of furniture we create is designed with this philosophy at heart, aiming to transform workplaces and homes into enclaves of creativity, comfort, and collaboration.


Celebrating Our Heritage and Pioneers

Today, Innerspace stands proud as a family-owned venture guided by Jonathan Miles, Russell’s son-in-law. The continuity of family stewardship ensures that the values and vision established by our founders remain at the forefront of every decision and design.

Our founders have left an indelible mark on our identity: a commitment to crafting timeless furniture with an emphasis on well-being and productivity. Their legacy continues to guide us as we create spaces that foster collaboration, sharing of ideas, and a focus on excellence.

Embracing the Present, Shaping the Future

We take pride in a business model that champions one-on-one customer engagement, building long-term relationships founded on mutual respect and shared vision. Our tailor-made recommendations are a testament to our desire to fulfill individual needs, and our commitment to service is matched only by the quality and relevance of our products.

From Australian to international designers, we handpick every component to assure that our furniture is not only well-designed but also embodies sophistication and functionality. We customise every piece to fit seamlessly into the environment it graces, ensuring an impeccable balance between aesthetics and practicality.


Honoring the Traditional Custodians of Our Land

Our story, woven into the tapestry of Australia’s own, pays homage to the land’s Traditional Custodians the Gadigal of the Eora Nation (Sydney), Naarm of the Kulin Nation (Melbourne) and Whadjuk Nyoongar (Perth) peoples, whose traditions and cultures enrich our shared history. Our respect for Elders past, present, and emerging is interwoven with our commitment to learning from the past and embracing our cultural connections.



Experience Innerspace: Where Excellence Meets Innovation

As we look to the future, we carry with us the lessons, craftsmanship, and values that have defined Innerspace for generations. With over 70 years of experience, we continue to offer a unique blend of service and world-class products that set us apart in the industry.

Take a journey of perpetual innovation with us, where each furniture piece transcends mere functionality to become a cherished artifact, a testament to superior craftsmanship, and a catalyst for well-being. Innerspace welcomes you to discover the boundless potential of meticulously crafted, timeless furniture tailored for the contemporary realms of both home and work. Join us and encounter the steadfast commitment to quality that defines Innerspace. Here, history isn’t merely recollected; it’s ingrained in every piece we bring to life.


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