Ion Acoustic Table by Imposter

Designed by Imposter.

Introducing the Ion Acoustic Table designed and manufactured in Australia.

The Ion Acoustic Table enables the user to transform an open plan space into a hub of innovation, where form meets function seamlessly. This dynamic perch or standing table is designed for collaborative environments, offering a unique combination of acoustic innovation, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.


Features :

– Acoustic Excellence: The central round column is crafted with acoustic materials, effectively reducing ambient noise in your open space. Enjoy a focused and productive environment without sacrificing the benefits of an open layout.

– Versatility at Its Core: Adaptable to various setups, the Ion Acoustic Table is perfect for impromptu meetings, brainstorming sessions, or individual work. Its perch or standing design promotes an active and collaborative work culture, fostering creativity and engagement.

– Green Oasis Option: Enhance the aesthetics and well-being of your workspace with the Ion Acoustic Table’s central planter option. Bring nature indoors and elevate your environment with a touch of greenery and increase productivity.

– Integrated Power and Data Solutions: Stay connected effortlessly with optional power and data features above bench height. Charge your devices, plug in laptops, and stay powered up during casual meetings. The Ion Acoustic Table understands the demands of modern work life, providing the connectivity you need.

– Customisation to Suit Your Space: Choose from various configurations to match your specific needs. The Ion Acoustic Table is available in different sizes and finishes, allowing you to curate a workspace that reflects your unique style while optimising functionality.

– Seamless Design Aesthetics: The Ion Acoustic Table is not just a solution; it’s a design statement. Its clean lines, modern form, and attention to detail make it a focal point in any space, seamlessly integrating into your existing design scheme.


Elevate your workspace experience with the Ion Acoustic Table – where acoustic innovation, versatility, and design excellence converge.

Redefine your open-plan space and cultivate a work environment that inspires collaboration and creativity.


Finishes :

Top : Melamine, laminate  or timber veneer options.

Central Round Column : Melamine, Laminate or Upholstered wide range of fabrics, linens, leathers and vinyls.

Skirting and Top Shroud : Melamine, laminate  or timber veneer options.

Dimensions : TBC

Lead time:8 - 10 weeks
Delivery: More info on delivery
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They are Imposter, an Australian-based furniture design company that redefines the concept of an “imposter” in the design world.
Imposter is not about deceit but a mistaken impression of their place in design.

They constantly push boundaries, embracing their unique DNA that thrives on being different, creative, and challenging.

At Imposter, they celebrate distinctiveness, crafting furniture pieces that aim to inspire and captivate.

Each design Imposter creates carries a narrative, a reflection of their commitment to shaping the future and carries a responsibility to improve the world around us.

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