Longtail by 31 Degrees

Designed and manufactured in Australia by 31 Degrees Design

What is Longtail?

A centralised spine (or tail) that creates connections between integrated:

  • Tables
  • Seating
  • Planters/green space
  • Technology
  • Signage
  • Customer/Client interface
  • Wayfinding
  • Retail Kiosks and Tenancies

Durable, scalable and modular in design, Longtail offers countless footprint and elevation possibilities and material options. Retail based solutions integrate signage, digital screens, reticulated power and technology ensuring a truly connected and customised product.

Ideal for all sized shopping centres, dining precincts, outdoor and indoor public spaces, foyers, breakout and collaborative zones, Libraries and student study areas.

The highly modular and flexible system allows seamless additions, layout changes and mobility on site. The value continues through high quality and robust material selections and clever  damage-reduction detailing.
A patented quick release fixing system ensures that materials can be swapped out and changed efficiently for a fresh look or new brand statement.

What will your Longtail project look like?


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31 Degrees

In a world full of mass-produced, disposable goods, there is a movement towards sourcing unique and long lasting products that reflect classic design principles and timeless craftsmanship.

This combined with the unique geographical base of Western Australia provides  the inspiration for Australian furniture brand 31 Degrees.

31 Degrees draws upon the unique nature of WA and Australia at large to showcase the best local materials and workmanship within their unique designs.

With a vision to create authentic and long lasting furniture solutions, 31 Degrees emphasises original design combined with ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

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