Mangas Original Mini by GAN Rugs

Designed by Patricia Urquiola

Mangas is composed organically-shaped rugs and poufs that move away from the conventional rectangular format, featuring colourful and warm textures like that of wool sweaters, from which the collection takes its name (Mangas means “sleeves” in Spanish).

Composition : 100% Wool

Technique: Hand Loom

Colours :

Mini Caramelo – MM1 (Orange), MM1N (Neural)

Mini Globo – MM2 (Blue), MM2N (Neutral)

Mini Campana – MM3 (Salmon), MM3N (Neutral)


Mini Caramelo – 90cm x 69cm

Mini Globo – 100cm x 90cm

Mini Campana – 136cm x 80cm






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GAN is an internationally respected and revered rug company, representing an innovative and contemporary outlook on original textile production.

In the 1940s, GAN carried out a respectful revision of traditions and manual work, leading to the extraordinary evolution of crafts worldwide.
This process has materialised over time into a series of collections of great value in terms of design, research, development, and even business ethics.
GAN rugs are handmade by expert artisans using traditional techniques that have been renewed and updated thanks to the creativity of internationally renowned designers, including Patricia Urquiola, Kengo Kuma and Kensaku Oshiro. This has resulted in many international design awards and ongoing recognition as a leader in the sector.
Its application to modular structures and accessories, which allow the user to create complete spaces, has also given rise to new concepts of habitability in contemporary spaces.

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