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Meeting Room Booking Screen by Condeco

Condeco’s beautifully designed touch screens outside clearly show if a room is free or booked—and enable people to book the room with a few simple taps.


Features include:

Increase room availability

Free up unused meeting rooms in an instant if users don’t turn up and check-in, removing those annoying ghost bookings and increasing room availability.

Show the room’s status
Bright LED lights show the room’s occupancy status even from a distance. With the reservation details clearly displayed on the room, there’s no more argument about who booked what.
Instant booking with your access card
Instantly make a booking right on the device, start your meeting, or release a room, using any RFID-enabled access card.
Accurate reports on room usage
Each screen gathers essential meeting data, enabling you to get insight about how the room is being used and who turns up for their meetings.
Manage and monitor in the Cloud
All your screens can be managed from a cloud-based dashboard that includes usage statistics, device health monitoring, management of users and locations, and software updates.
Sleek design for your workspace
Condeco’s exceptionally designed, crystal-clear 10.1″ touch screens are an elegant addition to your meeting rooms. The interface can be branded in a few simple steps.
Lead time:4 - 6 weeks
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Condeco is the global leader in workspace scheduling technology.

For over 15 years, they have been pioneering scheduling solutions, to help organisations transform the way they work through the space they’re in.

Their mission is to maximise the the workspace and create a more productive and collaborative workplace experience for their business and its employees.

Condeco is the only workplace technology company to put 30% of their revenue back into R&D, to pioneer better ways of working that help unlock the potential in organisation’s workforce.

Headquartered in London, with offices in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Delhi, and Sydney – Condeco’s global reach means they can deliver a responsive service- wherever clients work.

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