Quetzal by Missana

Designed by Marc Venot

Quetzal surprises, attracts and traps.

Designed by the renowned French designer Marc Venot, who joins the The Novelties catalogue to show that an armchair can become a very visual and interactive product that can also be integrated into any space due to its colour duality.

With the same magical feeling and the same admiration with which we watch the Quetzal bird taking off and flying into the sky in its natural habitat in the tropical regions of South America, we watch the Quetzal armchair flying into Missana. Marc Venot has acheived those very same feelings with his design through a great visual impact, Marc’s Quetzal changes the colour of its feathers in the blink of an eye, due to 14 overlapped bicolour pillows.

The colours and the fabrics have been carefully selected so all the possible combinations result in harmony and in extraordinary sensations, making real and bringing to live any space that decides to have Quetzal among its furniture.



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Missana is passionate about the world of upholstery. Based for more than 20 years in Valencia, Spain, Missana have created furniture collections that express their design vision combined with traditional hand made design.

Missana’s collections are the result of a harmonious union between craftsmanship and an eye for detail, visible in the most classic part of their catalogue and now freshly trasnferred to new designs.

Two complementary styles combined and improved to make it possible to offer elegant and distinguished furniture, but at the same time contemporary. With special attention on ensuring durability and by using high quality materials presents unique furniture made to survive our time.

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