Teras Shelving by Imposter

Inspired by the terraced landscapes of Indonesian agriculture, Teras™ is a meticulously crafted shelving system designed in Australia by Imposter.


Elevate any internal space with Teras™, a unique and flexible shelving solution consisting of steel terraces (shelves) in 2 sizes and aluminium cylindrical posts in various heights.

Designed for change, Teras™ is designed for generations to engage with – future proof design backed by a 10-year warranty.

Versatility in Design

Going beyond conventional shelving, Teras™ allows a virtually unlimited combination of structured or randomised layouts.

Teras™ can be adapted to meet your evolving needs, whether it be linear or freeform – a full height room divider, a collector’s showcase, or a minimalist TV unit.

Teras™ seamlessly integrates into any room – a subtle supporting actor or a vivacious star of the show.


Infinite Configurations
Teras™ transcends the role of a shelving system; experiment with various configurations, heights, and colour combinations to curate a truly unique piece that reflects your individuality.

Providing storage, decoration, or both. Teras™ is constantly being enhanced through continuous development with a roadmap of retrofittable accessories designed to enhance and ensure Teras remains relevant and loved.


Effortless Assembly:

Designed for easy assembly and disassembly, Teras™ facilitates a quick transformation of your space.

The ingeniously crafted Teras™ Connector seamlessly binds each post together.


Refined Materials:
Crafted from strong steel shelves and aluminium cylindrical posts, Teras™ emanates durability and sophistication.

Teras™ Connector is made of a Anti UV Polycarbonate for strength and durability.

An adjustable foot is available for levelling across expansive areas.


Choose your Palette:

Select from a diverse spectrum of colours, enabling you to make a daring statement or opt for a subtle look.

The option to contrast shelf colours with posts adds to the palette of customisation possibilities.

With its clear finish Teras™ Connector adapts to any colour pallete.
Powdercoat or anodised finishes available for both shelves and posts.

Teras™ Shelf Details:
Steel Construction, powder coated.

Small Shelf (4 Post Holes) : 900mm L x 350mm D.
Large Shelf (6 Post Holes) : 1710mm L x 350mm D


Teras™ Post and Top Cap Details:
Aluminium extrusion: 161mm Long and 325mm Long

Warranty: 10 Years

Australian Design registered and Trademarked

Lead time:4 - 6 weeks
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They are Imposter, an Australian-based furniture design company that redefines the concept of an “imposter” in the design world.
Imposter is not about deceit but a mistaken impression of their place in design.

They constantly push boundaries, embracing their unique DNA that thrives on being different, creative, and challenging.

At Imposter, they celebrate distinctiveness, crafting furniture pieces that aim to inspire and captivate.

Each design Imposter creates carries a narrative, a reflection of their commitment to shaping the future and carries a responsibility to improve the world around us.

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