A new gateway into the centre of the Murdoch University campus, Building 360 Boola Katitjin showcases their vision for a sustainable student future achieving a 6 star Greenstar performance rating and mass engineered timber structures.

Lyons Architects spearheaded a truly collaborative design effort, partnering with local studios Officer Woods, The Fulcrum Agency, Silver Thomas Hanely and Aspect Studios.

Building 360 Boola Katitjin provides it students with new large collaborative learning spaces, experimental technology labs, informal student and academic spaces amongst bespoke retail outlets.

It marks the beginning of the transformation of Murdoch University, creating a new address to the campus, resolving long standing access issues, consolidating the academic core and exploring the potential of using highly flexible spaces to accommodate future needs for teaching and learning.

A distinct feature of Boola Katitjin is its use of a world-leading engineered timber frame. Marking the first mass timber building in Western Australia, this 16,000sqm building feels right at home in the bush campus of Murdoch University.

With its lower carbon footprint and increased opportunities for natural ventilation, the timber structure contributes to the environmental sustainability of the building and will receive a World Leadership 6 Star Green Star rating.

Working closely with builders Multiplex, Innerspace provided over 3,000 pieces of furniture to this new learning precinct. From high tech lecture rooms, cafes and breakout spaces, meeting rooms to laptop and computer labs, a wide range of furniture was selected to create a warm learning environment.

Tolv Inlay Chairs and Glide Stools by Sketch were partnered with the Fin Laptop tables for the Welcome Space in the Entrance of the new building.

Innerspace Neo Task Chairs and Drafting Chairs were selected for all the lecture rooms and computer labs with the Fortona collection of Sled, Cross Base, 5 Star base and 4 Star Swivel versions used in a variety of settings across all 4 floors of the building.

Scribe Armchairs and Scribe Lounges by Natadora were paired alongside the IO Coffee Table by Tolv for the Level 3 Lounge spaces. Fortona and Centro Tables sliding between the lounge areas to allow for a mixed use space.

Didier Highly Connected Nook Booths and Fin Laptop Tables by 31 Degrees were used between the lounge areas and the lecture rooms for single focus areas.

Nysse Chairs by Sketch and Tolv Kile Coffee Tables were used in the Student Lounges and Lobby areas alongside Didier Brydie Sofas and Innerspace Linea Round Ottomans.

For the Cafe areas, Poise Chair and Poise Stools by Sketch were paired together with the Oak and Jarrah custom made tables.

For the Workspace areas utilized by Murdoch Staff Members, Innerspace Territory Sit to Stand Workstations were used to improve workplace well being.

Landscape Tables were paired with Fortona Chairs, Fortona Sled Stools, Highly Connected Nook Booths and Neo Task Chairs were used in the staff collaborative meeting spaces.

Workplace breakout spaces used Centro tables, Poise Chairs and AHA stools while Mexica Lounges and Mexica Armchairs, Noom Series 20 High Back Chair by Actiu were paired with Kile Coffee Tables and Brydie Lounges.

The Innovation Hub required flexible spaces so Form Flip training tables and Quattra Flip Chairs were used so staff and students could easily reconfigure the furniture around.

Innerspace is incredibly proud to be involved with Building 360 Boola Katitjin and helping to position Murdoch University in its goal of pursuing growth in education and research.

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MITO / Designed by Tom Fereday for @rakumba_lighting

The Mito lighting series is designed to celebrate the natural beauty and character of raw materials. Minimal in design, Mito juxtaposes precision manufacturing techniques with natural hand finished timber and stone to create a truly sculptural luminaire.

Warm, indirect light flows across exactingly crafted domed forms in natural materials. Modular in design, the Mito series may be configured at any angle and is expressed in a variety of pendant, wall sconce, floor and table lamp configurations.
Discover the allure of leather upholstery with this Bureau Sofa by Natadora. Its casually slack cushions beautifully contrast with super-sleek arms, all resting on a tidy steel base. Experience the epitome of low-key elegance.

Our Bureau sofa has achieved popularity in both commercial and residential settings alike.
Timeless Classic / The Armchair 30 by @ton_chairs 
This armchair with an open backrest comes from TON’s traditional line of products. 

Typical are: its timeless shape and versatile usage. 

TON manually bends furniture in the same workshops where this technology has been in use since 1861. However, TON moved the features of this unique technique further more and mix them with contemporary designers’ thoughts. 

Their tables and chairs become a connection of quality, innovative shapes and a legacy to the place that has learned to understand the wood for generations.
Aligning with Fiveight's core values, @state_28 undertook the task of designing a harmonious environment that seamlessly intertwines work, life, and culture while prioritising Australian made products with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Featuring Fortona 4 Star Swivel Chair in their meeting rooms - part of our quick ship program. 

Designers - @state_28
Introducing the Textile Club Armchair by @gandiablasco_official / your ultimate outdoor lounging companion for the poolside. This armchair is part of a collection that draws inspiration from fashion, translating textile concepts and techniques into the realm of furniture design.

Crafted with 100% recyclable polyethylene and thermo-lacquered zinc-plated steel, this designer armchair combines style with sustainability, making it a chic and eco-friendly choice for your outdoor space.