Advantis NG Control Console by Gesab

Designed by Gesab

ADVANTIS NG, a control console with character, with pure lines that converge to define a unique architecture.

Advantis NG embodies the perfect machine: power and control. Smooth and durable. Technology at the service of the imagination. Creativity for a safe and efficient environment.

The GESAB-designed console that best combines the experience of a leading company with Decision and Control Room know-how and the latest technological trends. With Advantis NG everything’s under control.

The Advantis NG system is purpose built for optimum wiring organisation. Connections that intertwine within an infinite universe. Bidirectional pulses travel through the system to keep information moving 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Smart professional connectivity. No matter what the distance or the difficulty of the task.

Advantis NG is designed and built for taking full control.

Features :

– Floating worktop – the Advantis NG console isolates the operator in a safe and healthy environment, free from vibration, thanks to the floating work plane.​

– Visual Ergonomics – The new and exclusive arms systems put cables away from the operator, hide them from view, leaving the operational area free.

– Safety – A unique integrated illumination system with LED beacons designed to meet safety and functionality requirements.

– Personal Dock – A space for personal effects and operator connectivity. Comfortable, flexible. Everything at hand, without leaving the control task.​

– Technical Storage – Advantis NG has a wide range of technical cabinets that are integrated as never before in the very structure of the console to ensure direct communication with the rest of the console sectors.

– Spinal Beam- It is the backbone of the system. It fixes the structure and leads and distributes power and data cabling.

– I-Box is a space designed for the comfort of people. This is a single container with the perfect size for documents and personal belongings.​

– Connectivity – An infinite universe that comes together; it connects. Bidirectional pulses travel through the system to keep the information moving 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

– Modularity – ADVANTIS has been created as a part and as a whole. It may be a single or collective solution, in various forms and quantities: concave, convex, semicircular…

The degrees generator system allows conceiving solutions for any environment and requirement.

Finishes :

Top Finishes : Standard Laminate colours are White, Anthracite, Grey and Woodgrain. Various other finishes available as suited to the clients requirements.

Metal Frame Finishes : Deep Blue, Anthracite and Metallic Grey. Custom colours are available.

Dimensions :

Various lengths and widths available.

Lead time:12+ weeks
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GESAB offers solutions for the conceptualising, engineering, designing and implementing of comprehensive projects for critical 24/7 environments.

They specialise in data centres, control and decision centres, corporate meeting rooms, KVM and audiovisual solutions, providing clients with innovations of great added value implemented by a professional and highly qualified product adaptable to each client’s needs.

GESAB was founded in 1991 to provide new technical solutions in critical 24/7 work environments. Over those years, GESAB has grown to become a worldwide benchmark company.

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