New Anda G Wall Clock by Nomon

The original New Anda Gold N wall clock is one of the most innovative and visually fantastic clocks from the acclaimed Nomon brand.
The main feature of this slim wall clock is its gold ring design in polished brass that offers a touch of elegance and a return to the golden years.
Its large size is offset by its simple cylindrical gold-plated brass structure, giving the illusion of spaciousness and depth when you choose where it will hang on the wall.
The precise colour palette for this type of collector’s watch is on light backgrounds such as white or cream, and with furniture, desks, shelves in dark or opaque colours that contrast with the circular design of the watch.
A furniture with simple and conservative lines will make your home stand out by mixing this fascinating wall clock evoking the pure classic renovated style that is so fashionable today.
You will highlight the beauty of your home with this clock, mesmerising your friends and family due to its impressive size, and its walnut wood hands with a gold counterweight highlighting the imposing piece of art.
In addition, you will have a high-quality mechanism inside the polished brass case made by experienced watchmakers.
Materials: Steel and Walnut.
Box:  Chromed Steel.
Hands: Natural Walnut
Circle: Polished Brass
Size: 1000mm diameter (700mm ring diameter).

Mechanism:  Quartz UTS (Germany).

Battery: AA 1.5 V (not included).




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Nomon is the leader in indoor clocks, with a presence in over 60 countries.

Nomon design and create visually stunning pieces, where the clock ceases to be a mere accessory and becomes the protagonist, decorating the walls of homes, offices, receptions, boardrooms, cafes, restaurants and bars.

Creativity, design and technology are the three main principles that mark Nomon products.
The result is original clocks of avant-garde design and high quality, produced in a handmade fashion using innovative techniques.

All Nomon clocks are fully hand made in Spain and include a German Quartz mechanism for exact precision.

In more recent times Nomon has branched out and created Nomon Home, creating unique pieces to provide comfort to our daily lives.
Nomon Home includes functional pieces of great aesthetic quality, designed to create a pleasant and welcoming experience when coming home.

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