Prelude Meeting Table by 31 Degrees

Prelude is an unashamedly large size meeting table or workstation.

Named after the largest floating vessel ever constructed Prelude is a table that supports larger worktops despite the very narrow base (only 400mm wide).
This is due to a lot of engineering work. A steel collar provides stability and strength whilst also providing a uniform and balanced look.

Worktop sizes can be any length and table widths are from 1400mm to 1800mm wide.
Heights can be sitting (720mm) or standing (custom heights) in addition to a two tier style with a combined standing/standing table – supertanker style.

An optional technology channel is available that allows cable reticulation and privacy screens which transforms Prelude from a meeting table to a workstation

Designed and manufactured in Australia by 31 Degrees Design

Brand:31 Degrees
Lead time:4 - 6 weeks
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31 Degrees

In a world full of mass-produced, disposable goods, there is a movement towards sourcing unique and long lasting products that reflect classic design principles and timeless craftsmanship.

This combined with the unique geographical base of Western Australia provides  the inspiration for Australian furniture brand 31 Degrees.

31 Degrees draws upon the unique nature of WA and Australia at large to showcase the best local materials and workmanship within their unique designs.

With a vision to create authentic and long lasting furniture solutions, 31 Degrees emphasises original design combined with ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

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