Rioja Stool by Ton

Rioja Barstool by Ton.

Designed by Lounge Designgroup

This lower seat of the Rioja set is named after the Spanish wine region.

Available in two sizes in Beech or Oak which, thanks to its pattern, further highlights the elegant and fine shapes of this model.

Winner of the Interior Innovation Award in 2011


European Beech or Oak

Natural beech or stained

With or without optional upholstered seat pad

Available in a range of house fabrics and leathes

Warranty : 10 years

Dimensions :

High Stool – 320mmW x 320mmD x 800mmH

Low Stool – 320mmW x 320mmD x 640mmH


Lead time:12+ weeks
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Ton – Timeless Craftsmanship

Industrialisation, steam power, electricity, evolutionary theory – the nineteenth century produced many remarkable innovations unsurpassed to this day. These advancements revolutionized industries and shaped the modern world in unprecedented ways.

Among these ground-breaking innovations was the technique of bending wood, a method that Michael Thonet and his sons perfected to create a network of factories dedicated to transforming bent wood into iconic furniture designs. This pioneering technique allowed for the creation of elegant, durable, and timeless pieces that remain highly sought after even today.

Production at Thonet’s factories began in 1861 in Bystřice pod Hostýnem, located in the Czech Republic. The location was strategically chosen for its logistically advantageous position, surrounded by abundant beech trees in the nearby forests. This natural resource, combined with a skilled local workforce, shaped the spirit of the factory. Over more than 150 years, it has managed to preserve its exacting craft despite several changes in ownership. Since 1953, the factory has been producing high-quality furniture under the independent label Ton.

Work at Ton beats to the same rhythm as it did 160 years ago. Each day, skilled wood benders place hundreds of pieces of wood into bending forms with remarkable precision and care. Their strength, speed, and affinity with wood continue to fascinate, no matter how many times one observes their craft. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every piece of furniture produced, especially their renowned chairs, is of the highest quality.

Manual work also dominates the rest of the production process. Ton’s craftsmen and craftswomen work tirelessly, each step of the way, to ensure that every piece meets their rigorous standards. This dedication to manual craftsmanship is complemented by the innovative work of Ton’s designers, who continually push the boundaries of what is possible with bent wood. Their designs blend tradition with modernity, creating furniture pieces that are both classic and contemporary.

Ton’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices has earned them a reputation for producing furniture that lasts for generations. Each piece, whether it be a chair, table, or other furniture items, is a testament to the skill and dedication of the craftsmen and craftswomen who created it, embodying the timeless elegance and durability that has come to define the Ton brand.

This is Ton – quality that will last for generations.

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About the designer

Lounge Designgroup

This studio was set up in 2006 in the German city of Halle by Alexander Grimm and Ronny Eysser.

Both designers studied product design and graduated from the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein Halle. They were involved in automotive projects for Fiat or Daimler-Chrysler and in the projects of well-known designer Luigi Colani. They worked as product managers for Cosmobrandlab AG, a design studio involved mostly in merchandising.

Lounge Designgroup currently offers design services and operates across many industries – in furniture production, lighting, wrapping materials, school items and interior design, merchandising items and corporate design. Now we offer their products under the new brand, LOUNGE design

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