Wishbone Dual Bar Arm by CBS

Wishbone Dual Bar is a cost-effective multi-screen solution that allows two or more screens up to 24″ to be attached to the same Wishbone Post.
Ideal for multi-screen applications such as trading floors, control rooms and multimedia environments, Wishbone Dual Bar can support up to 24kg. Wishbone Dual Bar’s self-balancing heads, seamless portrait to landscape and mounting capabilities, and its easy cockpit to flat screen changeover provides users with a variety of configuration options and flexibility. Furthermore, its 12mm fine height adjustment allows for perfect screen alignment for a precise and aesthetic finish.
With built-in cable management, Wishbone Dual Bar creates a tidy and ergonomic workstation. It can be seamlessly combined with our regular Wishbone monitor arms to create additional monitor configurations if required.


Brand:Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS)
Lead time:4 - 6 weeks
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Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS)

Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS) was founded in 1990, drawing upon the skills of architecture (Martyn Colebrook), product design and innovation (Peter Bosson) and furniture design (Brenda Saunders) to create new and unique solutions to the technology and furniture interface within the working environment. CBS’ unique approach quickly redefined workplace ergonomics and has profoundly influenced how people sit and work with computers.
CBS has continued to develop innovative and elegant solutions that create a spacious and healthy working environment for people in a range of application areas including trading floors, offices, hospitals, schools and universities, and passenger terminals.
Through the creation of adjustable workspaces, people of all ages, shapes, and sizes have been able to work in healthy and productive environments designed around their ergonomic needs.
Colebrook Bosson Saunders has a truly global presence. From global offices in the UK, Australia, and the US they support a world-wide network of manufacturers, dealers and distributors. Through these partnerships, their products have been installed in some of the most high profile international design projects.
Think of the possibilities, think Colebrook Bosson Saunders.

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