Gelato by 31 Degrees

Designed and manufactured in Australia by 31 Degrees Design – Gelato, comes in a thousand flavours and is a freestanding room within a room.

Gelato helps to define spaces in modern workplaces and is also modular in design; this helps organisations adapt and change quickly as business needs dictate.

Quick huddles or informal meetings and planned/unplanned presentations are now possible without the formality and enclosed privacy of built meeting rooms.

Through its structural look, Gelato creates visual clarity and can provide a welcome interruption to open plan office areas.

Modular and freestanding in design, the aluminium extrusion creates a framework of posts and beams.

From here, let your imagination run wild with Gelato’s versatility.

Product Features:

– Drop in wall panels – Available in many forms and finishes.

– Ceiling panelling – vertical PET panels interlocking with ceiling framework.

– Curtain – with the addition of a curtain track, this adds privacy, acoustics and warmth to a space.

– Capsule tables – frame mounted table tops, can be mounted at different heights to create different perch locations within the system.

– Capsule seating – seating size varies

– Planter – add some indoor plants to the space and remove that CO2

– Whiteboard – makes collaboration easy.


– Aluminium Framework: Black powdercoat, other powder coat colours available.

– Wall and ceiling panels: Laminated timber panels (solid or timber grain), timber slatted panels, Upholstered fabric panels, PET panels (Echopanel® / Ecoustic®).

– Magnetic Whiteboards

– Laser cut mesh steel.


Customised to clients requirements.

Technical details :

The wall panels are double sided with a hollow centre which allows for power, data, and AV services to be easily reticulated throughout.

LCD screens and digital whiteboards can also be mounted to Gelato providing the necessary digital tools required for modern day collaboration, with a seamless look thanks to the hidden cabling.

240V power, USB 2.0 and USB C are all supported in easy to access outlets fitted directly into the frame or surface mounted into the drop in panels. Cat 6 Data cabling is also supported.

Lighting :

– To further enhance Gelato’s capability, 31 Degrees has collaborated with Rakumba lighting.

– Using Bluetooth occupancy sensors Gelato can automatically turn on linear lighting when a user enters the space.

– Rakumba Scope pendants automatically change state (Green to Red) to act as occupancy indicators.

– Wireless Digital Controls are also available for Gelato users to dim or turn lighting on/off.

Structural Capabilities:

– Gelato is Non-structural and freestanding.

– However it can be fixed to the ground or to an adjacent wall for extra anchoring.

Timeless Versatility:

– Gelato can be relocated, shrunk, expanded, and adapted over time.

– The optional ceiling baffles provide a semi-open, yet defined space and take advantage of a buildings existing lighting, air conditioning, and fire services.

Brand:31 Degrees
Lead time:4 - 6 weeks
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The Quantum Terminal, Sydney

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31 Degrees

In a world full of mass-produced, disposable goods, there is a movement towards sourcing unique and long lasting products that reflect classic design principles and timeless craftsmanship.

This combined with the unique geographical base of Western Australia provides  the inspiration for Australian furniture brand 31 Degrees.

31 Degrees draws upon the unique nature of WA and Australia at large to showcase the best local materials and workmanship within their unique designs.

With a vision to create authentic and long lasting furniture solutions, 31 Degrees emphasises original design combined with ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

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About the designer

31 Degrees

31 Degrees the brand is a collaboration of a passion for developing new products that respond to a growing appetite for ‘authentic’ and innovative local products.

Hamish Cockburn and Jonathan Miles are committed towards designing and manufacturing unique and long lasting products that reflect classic design principles and timeless craftsmanship.

This combined with the unique geographical base of Western Australia provides the inspiration for their designs.

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