Own by 31 Degrees

Designed and manufactured in Australia by 31 Degrees Design.

Own has been designed to meet the future needs of organisations need to provide focus destinations for individuals and teams within a workspace.

Reducing surrounding noise, both visual and audible can help teams focus on what’s important.

Own creates spaces to concentrate away from busier work areas.



– Own is a modular group of upholstered panels and junctions.

– Seamless and easy to connect junctions and panels

– Customisable panel heights and lengths available

– 2 types of Junction – T junctions and 4-way Cruciform

– Levelling feet and connectors allow quick and easy installation with fast relocation if required.



– Fixed height desks. Freestanding for agile working or fixed to screens

– Height adjustable desks – integrated with leg covers

– Worktops can be custom sizes and either freestanding or fixed to the panel structure.


Cable management:

– Cable management – discrete and accessible throughout

– Panels support cabling in hidden channel with cabling held via Velcro tabs

– Junctions support cable reticulation and allow umbilical feeds from ceilings if required



– Own has been designed to support lighting to help provide additional ambient and decorative lighting

– Lighting is mounted on top of the junctions and is based upon Rakumba Typography range

– Different lighting elements available



– Panel Upholstery. Mono-upholstery or two tone (inside/out). Customers own material available.

– Junctions. Upholstery or timber laminate

– Worktops. Laminate or Timber veneer



– Custom sizes

Brand:31 Degrees
Lead time:4 - 6 weeks
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31 Degrees

In a world full of mass-produced, disposable goods, there is a movement towards sourcing unique and long lasting products that reflect classic design principles and timeless craftsmanship.

This combined with the unique geographical base of Western Australia provides  the inspiration for Australian furniture brand 31 Degrees.

31 Degrees draws upon the unique nature of WA and Australia at large to showcase the best local materials and workmanship within their unique designs.

With a vision to create authentic and long lasting furniture solutions, 31 Degrees emphasises original design combined with ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

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About the designer

31 Degrees

31 Degrees the brand is a collaboration of a passion for developing new products that respond to a growing appetite for ‘authentic’ and innovative local products.

Hamish Cockburn and Jonathan Miles are committed towards designing and manufacturing unique and long lasting products that reflect classic design principles and timeless craftsmanship.

This combined with the unique geographical base of Western Australia provides the inspiration for their designs.

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