Fambuena interprets and manifests its vision and understanding of light and space, focusing on the environments and emotions created through the language of objects.
Fambuena was created in 2005 by the Comes brothers to create, manufacture and distribute its youthful lighting designs worldwide under the artistic direction of Vicente Garcia Jiménez.
Each one of the collections creates a unique atmosphere, transforming the designs into objects with a specific emotional language.
This young and dynamic company brings together internationally-renowned designers: Cristian Malisan, Nicola Nerboni, Antonio Minervini, Vicente García Jiménez, Sabine Leuthold, Jehs & Laub, Yonoh, Alex Fernandez Camps, Katharina Maria Bruckner, Hans Stefan Moritsch and Verena Litzka,Carlo Contin, Ricardo Armiñana & Hugo Tejada.
Since its inception Fambuena´s presence has been established in Europe, Middle East, South America and United States of America.