Nils Holger Moormann

"If there’s one thing I’m inflexible about, it’s flexibility"

As an autodidact, someone foreign to the branch and a free spirit, Nils Holger Moormann is the epitome of ‘Neues Deutsches Design’ and from 1982 onwards has developed furniture which exhibits a reduced formal language and precise solutions to detail. 

Sounds simple enough. And it is in a way, as the bookshelf FNP – a classic in its own right – demonstrates. The key thoughts are simplicity, intelligence and innovation, and these colour the entire company’s philosophy. At times this makes life troublesome, creates an edginess or even a defensiveness but it speaks volumes for the timelessness and true Zeitgeist of the pieces themselves.

Where better for this furniture to find its roots than here– between the raw mountain climate and living traditions, between the stubborn beasts of the field and a far-reaching sense for ecological balance? This can no longer be achieved in a one-man show as in the early days. That’s why the Moormann team is now made up of around 40 bright minds.