Owwi Armchair by Actiu

Designed by Arnau Reyna

Owwi is cosy and full of personality.  An icon recognisable to the touch and to the eye.

It is characterised by generous, comfortable foam padding and upholstery full of details, from the folds and creases in the backrest to the piping that outlines the dynamic, sinuous shapes of its contours.

Its design conveys simplicity, formal charge and versatility, to define an armchair that stands out for its enveloping backrest.

The characteristic wrinkles of its upholstery draw the W’s that give rise to its name, and generate a welcoming feeling of embrace at every sitting position.


Available in a range of fabric colour combinations

Steel Frame – Black or White


840mmW x 720mmD x 720mmH, Seat Height 450mm




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Actiu is a leading Spanish furniture manufacturer operating in more than 50 countries. Actiu started as a family company in the Alicante region in Spain and specialises in creating furniture for work and public spaces. Actiu products are born from constant investment in Research and Development and collaboration with design professionals.

Through Actiu’s experience as a manufacturer, it has combined its flair for assimilating new technologies and strong investment in production capabilities to develop real skill and accuracy when working with primary materials such as aluminium, steel or glass and compounded materials such as mfc, fabrics, thermoplastics and composites.

The company’s speed and flexibility allow it to launch new products in a short period of time, while the production system can perform with the same efficiency for large projects and small orders.

Actiu products are produced at their state of the art production facility at the Actiu Technology Park.
The design by Jose Maria Tomas LLavador, was based on sustainability and self- sufficient use of natural resources and includes Europe’s largest rooftop photovoltaic plant with state-of- the-art technology and an output of 7 million kWh of solar energy.

Sustainability and the Environment are top of mind at Actiu. Their responsibility to the environment goes further than researching and developing new technologies to reduce environmental impact, Actiu is actively involved in many activities to conserve the environment.

Actiu provides flexible cost effective solutions with the added reassurance of knowing that the products have been produced in a sustainable way.

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About the designer

Arnau Reyna

Ramón Arnau (1984, Denia) and Mariola Reyna (1985, Valencia) met studying Architecture in 2003, whilst finishing their degree.  Their passion for furniture design led them to continue studying Industrial Design together.

This collaboration led them to design products that connect with the user and the spaces they inhabit, starting from simple ideas that evolve through the design process. Timeless pieces that are not influenced by passing trends.  Their belief is in design as a strategy, an intangible tool that is a fundamental pillar for companies as an engine of productivity and growth.

Both designers carry out industrial design, strategic consultancy, branding, creative direction, art direction, interiors and ephemeral architecture for internationally recognised design companies.

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